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About this site

Welcome to the Landmark Web, your guide to the issues surrounding personal computing and effective use of your own PC. We've made many resources available here: from broad-based news and views about the computing industry to specific technical support for you and your computer. So dig in and learn more about your computer and the Internet with Landmark as your guide.

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Landmark Computer Labs: Past, Present, Future

Who we are

Landmark Computer Laboratories, Inc. is an independent computer consulting firm and personal computer systems integrator in Alexandria, Virginia.

What we do

Landmark's fundamental mission is to support users of personal computers. To this end we offer a variety of products and services:

  • We consult about personal computers with corporate, academic, government, business, and individual users of personal computers.
  • We consult about the Internet . . .
    • Web site development and maintenance
    • Web marketing
    • Web publishing
  • We research and evaluate PC technologies to help clients determine which ones can best meet their needs.
  • We assess and rate hardware, software, systems, and vendors and assist clients in making computer-related purchases.
  • We develop training and computer literacy materials:
    • Custom-tailored personal instruction and group training
    • Regularly scheduled adult education classes
    • Ongoing development and presentation of classes, seminars and workshops
    • Preparation of training materials
    • Workbooks
    • Videotapes
    • Computer-aided instruction
  • We build, customize, install, maintain, repair, and upgrade personal computers
  • We sell, lease, and rent systems.
  • We connect PC users with
    • the Internet
    • point-to-point connections via dial-up lines and virtual private networks
    • on-line services like America Online and MSN
    • remote access programs that let you run your computer(s) from Internet connections anywhere in the world
    • networks from simple to complex.
  • We provide ongoing support for computer users with
    • support contracts
    • on-site visits
    • remote access -- instant help for your computers and your network
    • our telephone hotline
    • our Web site
    • email correspondence.

Who we serve -- and where

Though our clients are a diverse lot, they generally cluster into three distinct categories:

  • Small businessmen, entrepreneurs and other self-motivated individuals
  • Federal agencies, educational institutions, and organizations and advocacy groups
  • Home computer users and disabled individuals

We have sold Landmark systems to clients in 25 states, Brazil, Canada, England, and Mexico. Though we sell computers and services nationally, we concentrate on serving the Washington, DC area.

How we got here

Bud Stolker has been a fixture on the personal computing scene since 1977. He founded Landmark Computer Labs in 1981. Landmark began as a consulting and training firm, teaching adult education classes on PCs through Open University of Washington, DC. Since then we have developed and presented national lecture tours, prototyped concept computers, authored a revolutionary operating system concept, custom-built thousands of systems, and consulted on lots of topics for plenty of people and institutions.

From time to time we have partnered with other support-oriented companies, and would not rule out doing it again in the right circumstance. But corporate marriages can be rocky, and for now we have concluded that we're better off pursuing our own carefully crafted goals and conducting business in our own special way.

What we're proud of

We're proud that of the thousands of systems we have custom-built over a 28-year period, most have outlasted the industry average for longevity.

We're proud that our firm has survived for 28 years with philosophy and drive intact. We've learned how to roll with the punches and keep changing and growing to meet the challenges of a competitive industry.

We're proudest of the loyal base of clients we've built. They stay in touch, coming back for more service, training, support, equipment, and system upgrades. Many send their friends and colleagues to Landmark. We must be doing something right.

What we believe

We believe our clients are intelligent and appreciate being dealt with as such. No bogus claims, no stiff-armed sales pitches, no phony excuses when things go wrong.

We believe in providing services to clients, rather than commodities to customers. Client service is the cornerstone of our organization, and we commit ourselves to it every day.

We believe in adding value to all our products and services, realizing that there's always someone out there with a cheaper price.

We believe a service-based business that grows and changes with its clients will survive and thrive in the long term.

Where we're going

For 28 years, the constant factor in the personal computer business has been change. We have seen the PC transform from hacker’s hobby to mainstream necessity. We have survived by diversifying our products and services, and will continue to evolve along with the rest of the PC industry.

While manufacturers, garage shops, and superstores far larger than Landmark have come and gone, we are still in the same business: helping people use computer power in interesting and cost- effective ways. Despite all the changes, we’re always here for our clients, proof that in a room full of elephants, there’s always a place for a nimble mouse.

Landmark's corporate goal is to be a primary provider of services to personal computer users by the year 2012.

How we'll get there

The Internet is growing rapidly, and we plan to grow in parallel with it. The future of personal computing lies in on-line services, and we expect to keep expanding our own brand of electronic service and support.

We publish The View from Landmark, our email newsletter, to maintain a regular presence on our clients' desktops. By keeping subscribers informed of trends and issues in personal computing, we force ourselves to stay a step ahead.

The Landmark Web is the foundation on which we plan to build a large interactive presence. From our tiny publishing empire we operate The Landmark Channel, an information source based on a broadband backbone. We're already experimenting -- privately -- with Web-based multimedia, and plan to bring video instruction to one of our Web sites before too long.


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