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About this site

Welcome to the Landmark Web, your guide to the issues surrounding personal computing and effective use of your own PC. We've made many resources available here: from broad-based news and views about the computing industry to specific technical support for you and your computer. So dig in and learn more about your computer and the Internet with Landmark as your guide.

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Sample Flash-enabled Web Sites by Landmark

What is Flash?

Here's a random sampling of Flash-based templates suitable for use as corporate and professional Web sites. We have collected these for the convenience of our clients.

These templates are of higher quality than the free ones you can download on the Web. They typically cost less than $100 for non-exclusive use; that is, you run the (small) risk of someday encountering a Web site based on the same template as yours. This is a reasonable choice, considering the price and the quality.

Click on any sample, then hit your browser's Back button to return to this list. Remember, all photos and text are customizable, but extensive changes can get expensive.

If you need to install the free Flash player, click here. You can test your already-installed Flash player and its companion ShockWave player (which is not necessary for viewing these templates) here.

Don't forget to turn on your speakers!

We welcome your comments, and invite you to read about our HTML-based Web site services as well.

Sample templates

The names we've assigned these samples are arbitrary. All text and graphics in the templates can be personalized to fit you and your company. A law firm can become a consultancy; a corporation can become a sole proprietor. Remember, though, that the structure of the templates is fixed and cannot be changed without considerable effort. The whole point of using these classy -- or campy -- prebuilt schemes is that they are so cost-effective.

Modern law firm o Sole proprietor o Dynamic corporation
Book of law o Reliable business partner o Solutions-based
Dynamic law firm o Company on the move o Clean and simple
Creative business o Consultancy o Urban corp
E-consultancy o Slick salesmen o Movers and shakers
Fill in the blanks o Business perspective o Rolodex twirlers
Ultra-competent o Flip our pages o PR agency
Business solutions

What is Flash?

The Macromedia Flash Player is a plugin for the delivery of dynamic and interactive content over the Internet.

The Flash Player is a standardized method of displaying rich content. According to Macromedia, it is installed on 98% of Internet-enabled desktops worldwide. Since most web browsers require a plug-in (a piece of code on your computer) to be installed before they can play Flash animations, Web users must download and install the player in order to view and interact with Macromedia Flash content.

Flash is used to create and display animation programs with full-screen navigation interfaces, graphic illustrations, and simple interactivity in a resizable file format that can stream across a normal modem connection. It provides a lot of interactivity in a relatively small file size. Flash is very fast because it draws graphics on the fly, rather than storing text or graphics as complete images — though Flash can also display photographic images and illustrations. Upside: Flash gives you much more creative room than HTML. Downside: It requires a plugin.

Another downside you should be aware of, but one that is frequently overlooked: Flash poses accessibility challenges for many disabled people — users of screen readers and those who don't use a mouse to navigate. It is not Section 508-compatible. (Section 508 — the 1998 Amendment to Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act — requires the Federal government to make all goods and services, including Web sites, fully accessible to people with disabilities. It identifies specific standards for Internet and Web accessibility, which are often used as a basis for evaluating whether or not Web sites meet accessibility requirements.)

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