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About this site

Welcome to the Landmark Web, your guide to the issues surrounding personal computing and effective use of your own PC. We've made many resources available here: from broad-based news and views about the computing industry to specific technical support for you and your computer. So dig in and learn more about your computer and the Internet with Landmark as your guide.

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For Sale Right Now . . .

. . . used computers and printers.

Used computers

We have a variety of used PCs for sale right now at bargain-basement prices. These systems have processors in the 166-500 MHz. range. They are suitable for client workstations on a small network, for word processing, Internet surfing, non-cutting-edge games, and for use as spares.

These come from two sources:

  • Many are our own computers. We had a lot of single-purpose systems when we were with Ameri-Tech. Why not? We had the space and loads of parts. But now that we're Landmark once again, a few computers are all we need.
  • Others are trade-ins. Either our clients moved on to more powerful machines, or they experienced a failure that wasn't worth fixing at retail prices. We inherited computers that people didn't want, and fixed them as we had time.

All used systems are fully warranted by Landmark. We stand behind them 100%. Some have cosmetic defects (scratched cases, black bezels on one or more drives, etc.) and are priced accordingly.

Prices range from $125. to $450. Response has been good, and though we still have quite a few left, they won't last too much longer. Grab a PC now while we have them on display. Note: Call for an appointment before visiting.

Hewlett-Packard LaserJet 5Si

We are featuring a used HP LaserJet 5Si with all the features usually sold as options: 4000-page paper tray, duplexer, network card, extra memory, spare toner cartridges -- the works! Incredibly low page count -- it was used briefly by a malpractice lawyer until he bought himself a networked copier. For most small businesses, this is all the laser printer you will ever need.

Full feature list:

600 dpi and more than 120 levels of gray. Resolution Enhancement technology (REt) and microfine toner.
Speed and Throughput
24 ppm engine speed. 40-MHz RISC processor. First page out less than 16 seconds after receipt of data. Warm-up time less than 60 seconds.
Adobe(TM) PostScript(TM) Level 2 and enhanced HP PCL 5. Automatic language switching analyzes each incoming file, determining the correct language for the file and printing it correctly.
Standard: 12 MB with Memory Enhancement technology (MEt) to expand the printer's ability to handle complex PCL documents.
Maximum: 76 MB with MEt. Two available SIMM slots.
Media Capacity
Three standard input sources with a combined capacity of 1,100 sheets: Two 500-sheet input trays supporting paper sizes up to 11 x 17/A3. One 100-sheet multipurpose tray for automatic and manual feeding, including envelopes, labels, transparencies and other special media.
600 sheets output capacity (500 face down and 100 face up).
Media Sizes
Letter, legal, A4, executive, 11 x 17, A3, B3, B4. Standard input sources and optional 2,000-Sheet Input Tray support multiple paper sizes with automatic size sensing.
Media Types
Plain paper, envelopes, transparencies, labels. Handles copier, bond, special application and recycled paper; 16 lb bond to 110 lb index (60 to 200 g/m2).
Paper-Handling Options
Optional 2,000-Sheet Input Tray, Envelope Feeder (capacity 100), Duplex Unit and Multi-Bin Mailbox.
Scalable Typefaces
35 Adobe Type 1, 35 Intellifont, 10 TrueType. HP FontSmart software provides font control and management, plUS 65 additional TrueType fonts for Windows.
Printer Management
Enhanced HP JetAdmin printer management software provides remote printer control and statUS features for all HP JetDirect- and Novell NetWare file server-connected printers, including installation, configuration and diagnostics. Provides standard printer MIB-compliance for compatibility within network environments. New features provide print job tracking and monitoring with real-time statUS updates, alerts and job cancel. Versatile new Windows interface provides document customization such as watermark, booklet and printing of multiple pages on one sheet of paper.
IEEE 1284 ECP parallel port, HP JetDirect card for Ethernet (10Base2 and 10Base-T) and LocalTalk (DIN-8) interfaces, and HP MIO expansion slot. All interfaces are bi-directional and simultaneously active, switching automatically to the port receiving data. HP JetDirect cards also provide flash memory for future upgrades of network operating systems.
OS and NOS Support
Operating systems supported:
Windows 3.1 and Windows 95, DOS, OS/2,
Macintosh Systems 6 and 7, and UNIX.
Standard network operating systems supported:
Novell NetWare (IPX/SPX),
Microsoft LAN Manager (LLC/DLC),
Microsoft Windows NT (LLC/DLC),
Windows for Workgroups (LLC/DLC),
HP-UX*, SunOS*, Solaris*, SCO UNIX**, IBM AIX** (TCP/IP),
AppleTalk (EtherTalk) (DDP/ATP),
AppleTalk (LocalTalk) (DDP/ATP).
* Software support is required. See under ordering information.
** Software is supported directly from SCO and IBM.
Width: 21.3 in; 540 mm.
Height: 21.3 in; 540 mm.
Depth: 20.5 in; 520 mm.
99 lb; 45 kg.
Duty Cycle
100,000 pages per month.

We will deliver and install this printer and hook it up to your network -- and we fully warrant it against failures of any kind!

Hewlett-Packard LaserJet 4

One of the most popular LaserJets ever made, this printer is for individuals and small workgroups. Hard-working, economical, small footprint -- the Jet 4 outputs 12 pages per minute at a crisp 600 dots per inch. With dual-bin input, hot I/Os, font scaling, and many more features, this printer remains one of the best buys on the market today.

Full feature list:

  • 600 dpi, Built-In REt.

  • Intellifont and TrueType Resident Scalable Fonts, One Font Cartridge Slot, Fonts Per Page Limited Only by Memory.

  • 2 MB RAM Standard, Upgradable to 16 MB (four Universal SIMM slots).

  • Enhanced PCL 5 Language plus HP-GL/2 for Plotter Output, Automatic Language Switching, Hot I/Os.

  • Dual Input— Comes with 250 Sheet Cassette (Letter Size) and 100 Sheet Multi-Purpose Cassette, Optional Feeders Available.

  • LaserJet 4— 8 Pages Per Minute (EX engine)

    LaserJet 4 Plus— 12 Pages Per Minute (EX+), HP Memory Enhancement technology (MEt)

Hewlett-Packard LaserJet 4MV

The printer to have when you need a powerful large-format network printer. This one can print a range of media from 5 x 7 index cards up to full-bleed on 11" x 17" paper at 16 pages per minute. Its fast Bi-Tronics parallel port with built-in I/O quickly frees users' computers after they send print jobs. It also has a JetDirect card and software for direct attachment to your mixed network of PCs, Macs, and other mixed platform workgroups. Printing languages include Enhanced PCL 5 and genuine Adobe PostScript Level 2.

Full feature list:

We will deliver and install this printer and hook it up to your network -- and we fully warrant it against failures of any kind!

Hewlett-Packard LaserJet IIP

Okay, not the most technologically sophisticated printer, but like the Energizer Bunny, it just keeps going . . . and going . . . and going. If you are using an inkjet machine as your primary printer, consider the advantages of a laser. The print is crisp, price per page is incredibly cheap, and it's a proven workhorse that can, with proper maintenance, run forever!

Accessory items available for this printer: Toner cartridge in sealed box, PostScript® language emulation cartridge.

Additional Printers

We have a variety of inkjet and impact printers available.

Write us at or call us at 703-370-2242 and ask!


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