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Welcome to the Landmark Web, your guide to the issues surrounding personal computing and effective use of your own PC. We've made many resources available here: from broad-based news and views about the computing industry to specific technical support for you and your computer. So dig in and learn more about your computer and the Internet with Landmark as your guide.

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Updating the nVidia video driver Updating the nVidia video driver

(Windows XP) I downloaded a security Service Pack for Internet Explorer 6.0, which I also installed. Oh, and I installed an NVIDA video driver update.

After I restarted the computer after the installation, I received a message "Error Caused by a Device Driver". Everything's working okay, but I wonder if that NVIDIA thing screwed something up.

(The installation did create a new Restore Point in System Restore.)

I've seen this happen before. It's a minor mismatch between the actual NVidia hardware (your video board) and Microsoft's new NVidia graphics driver.

All NVidia chips in a given class, regardless of the brand of video board, are supposed to respond properly to a common driver, but in practice each manufacturer implements the chipset a slightly different way. That's why I prefer the manufacturer's version of the driver. You can roll back the driver to the last working version: Right-click on My Computer, left-click on Properties, then Devices, then Device Manager. Highlight the graphics adapter, go to Properties or Driver (I forget the exact order) and you'll find a button that will allow you to do a rollback. Don't be afraid to do this; in the worst case you can reinsert the graphics card's CD and get the original driver back.


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