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Welcome to the Landmark Web, your guide to the issues surrounding personal computing and effective use of your own PC. We've made many resources available here: from broad-based news and views about the computing industry to specific technical support for you and your computer. So dig in and learn more about your computer and the Internet with Landmark as your guide.

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Rearranged Windows Desktop Rearranged Windows Desktop

I had to turn the computer off yesterday because of a screwup by AOL, and when I booted back up all of the icons were back in their original format - stacked on the left side of the screen. I moved them to the the new format, using the right click technique, but they immediately revert back to their original location. What am I leaving out of the process?

Right-click anywhere on the background of your Windows Desktop (the standard control screen with all the icons), go to "Arrange Icons", and unclick "Autoarrange". Once unclicked, it should stay unclicked. I don't know why it reset itself. Anyway, with that item unclicked, you can rearrange the icons any way you want.


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