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Welcome to the Landmark Web, your guide to the issues surrounding personal computing and effective use of your own PC. We've made many resources available here: from broad-based news and views about the computing industry to specific technical support for you and your computer. So dig in and learn more about your computer and the Internet with Landmark as your guide.

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System just beeps

I just got a new system, and it just beeps when I turn it on. What is the problem?

If the machine beeps and displays no video, first make sure that the video card is seated properly. The AGP (Advanced Graphics Processor) slot is offset, by design, on the motherboard. This offset was designed so users would not confuse it with a PCI slot, but it also makes it easier for the graphic card to become unseated during shipping. After re-seating the video card, reseat the RAM and CPU if necessary.

If problems persist, contact us for more detailed troubleshooting.

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