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Landmark Computer Labs
and Bud Stolker:

Bud Stolker

If a business is to be judged by the quality of its clients, then Landmark Computer Labs is truly blessed. We've done business with many clients since the early 1980s. More than a few have become friends.

Relationships are the heart and soul of any consultancy. When the business is about personal computers, those relationships are bound to be sorely tested. Computers crash and burn, and when that happens, people call Landmark. When PCs break down, we fix them. When they lose data, we find it. When our clients need us, we are there. Consistently. Through the years -- 25 of them so far.

The fact is, a high percentage of those who have ever bought our PCs or our services are still with us, and happy to be so.

We must be doing something right.

Here, culled primarily from our e-mail archives, are mostly unsolicited testimonials from a few of the people that see value in what we offer. Our clients are the cream of the crop of Washington-area academicians, entrepreneurs, public sector workers, and small business persons. Their comments are reprinted with their permission. We acknowledge them, we thank them, and we salute them.

We first discovered Bud Stolker more than ten years ago, when we were just getting started in our training and publishing business. Bud has been with us all the way. He has repaired our computers, built new ones, recovered data, provided valuable advice, and found time to make house calls. We recommend him to anybody, without reservation or qualification. Bud's tops.
-- David Hatcher and Lane Goddard, Springfield, Virginia, authors of The Dirty Thirty: Words Even Smart People Misuse and The Landa List: Grammar Guidelines, Proofreading Principles and Punctuation Practices. LandaBooks.

For any computer problems over the last eight years, I have used Bud Stolker. He is reasonable, responsive, and honest beyond question.
-- John Mesirow, Mesirow & Stravitz, PLLC, Washington, DC. Ranked one of the top lawyers in the metropolitan area by readers of Washingtonian Magazine, December 2004.

Thanks for a fine product and the kind of service I've known and trusted for 10 years. (1997)
Thanks again for your good service. I tell my friends. (2003)
-- Melanie Mattson, theologian and award-winning author of the blog Just a Bump in the Beltway, Falls Church, Virginia

Thanks Bud -- Several people on the WIW* email list recommended you as a great tech guru (I added my endorsement, too) . . . You've been terrific . . . Sitting at the computer this morning I feel very professional and a great deal more secure.
--Sonia Crow, writer, Washington, DC

* Washington Independent Writers, also a Landmark client.

I'm technically challenged, and when it comes to keeping my computer working I rely on Bud. He's always there to fix the problem quickly and explains what's going on in language that even I can understand!
-- Jay Schiavo, marketing consultant and founder, All Media Creative, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

I love my computer. I guess you may not have many messages of pure kudos, but I'm enjoying computing now more than ever. Thanks for your work.
-- John Giunta, yoga and music instructor, performer, composer, Falls Church, Virginia. SpecialMind.com

Bud is the best ... empathetic, efficient, and quick to respond to all my computer problems.
--Mary Eames, Cornerstone Appraisal Service, McLean, Virginia

Dell has the benefit of being a big company, but you have the benefit of being Bud.
-- M.K. Phillips, Falls Church, Virginia

W O W - What a thoughtful response. Thanks for taking the time to give me such a thorough reply. I see why you're a successful computer consultant - someone who goes the extra mile. As a CPA and consultant, I realize the only thing we have to sell is our time. So I recognize the value of your response.
-- Scott Pafford, CPA, Los Angeles, California

Once again you prove how valuable your expertise is to me.
-- Truman Harris, McLean, Virginia, composer in residence, Eclipse Chamber Orchestra, and Asst. Principal Bassoonist, National Symphony Orchestra. Bassoon.org

One of the things I missed most when I retired was my ability to call "the IT guy" when I had computer problems at work. Now I have that ability right here at home. Until I found you there was no way that I was going to have my home computer and printer problems fixed. Your quick responses and ability to explain to me how I should operate and care for my technology, something that most folks in your profession cannot accomplish for their customers, have been a lifesaver for this techno-idiot. You're the best.
-- Jerry McLaughlin, trainer, Savannah, Georgia

Your computers and your savvy enable me to do these things.
--F. Clifton Berry Jr., Herndon, Virginia publisher and author of Medics at War, United States Army at War - 9/11 Through Iraq, Milestones of the First Century of Flight, Inventing the Future: How Science and Technology Transform Our World, and many others. Photo by Photography by Design / Shelley Brodka, Potomac Falls, Virginia

Aileen and I have been computer users for about 25 years. Since we first got on the Internet we've had about 30 virus infections. At first I was able to eliminate the offending code and fix the problems that it caused, but the infections soon became more complicated and the repairs too difficult for me to handle. We got the help we needed from Bud Stolker, a technical wizard. We have encountered no problem that Bud can't solve.

Aileen Meyer

Bud not only fixes computers but also assembles new computers and upgrades out-of-date machines if it's economically feasible. We liked the idea of being able to choose exactly what equipment the machine should contain. We recently asked Bud to build Aileen our fastest, most modern computer and show her how to use it. She loves its speed and features, and brags about it to all who will listen.

Get acquainted with a well-grounded computer expert before you have a problem. If you live the Washington, DC area, Bud Stolker would be a good one to know.

-- Norvan Meyer, Alexandria, Virginia, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (retired), Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, US Dept. of Agriculture, and author of History of the Mexico-United States Screwworm Eradication Program

My masters have been clients of Bud's for as long as I can remember. Bud has always treated me with the utmost respect. He advocated for a bath and a haircut for me when no one else was interested, and when I finally got them both he was quick to notice. He has never had an unkind word, even after that unfortunate incident when I herded everybody into the copier room and wouldn't let them leave. It's boring sitting around an accounting office all day long, but Bud always knows just the right thing to perk me up. I like it when he comes to visit.   -- Baxter

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